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    making lay-outs in Dreamweaver


      Hello;I have been studying 2 Dreamweaver learning books(and a lot of “background books“(php) the past 3 years.In one of them the author explained the different ways of using lay-outs in DW.(the “ready to go” css lay-outs,tables,etc.) However:I want to make my own designs,instead of using pre-designed lay-outs.(and tables)Therefore the possiblity of using AP divs seemed to be the best way. A disadvantage of the AP divs is,of course,that the divs are absolutely positioned,so that on a small screen the content is moving to the right. Because of the fact that making designs using AP divs,just like using a pencel or brush like a real painter does,makes designing a lot of fun(instead of playing in the plain code) I kept on using the AP divs,but instead of “position:absolute” I have changed this into “position relative”. I have also used a container in which I put all the other divs,just for keeping it all centered. At first site,it looked all fine,but when inserting other stuff,like plain tekst,extra code or images,everything went nuts,a bit like when using a table:all the divs weren’t positioned nicely anymore and I had to re-place everything again. The changes kept going on and,especially in the design-mode,it’s all messed up. So my question is: What lay-out method do you all,as experienced webdesigners,prefer to use,according to modern standards??(and still make designing a fun thing to do,without programming in the code) Of course with the use of Dreamweaver and all its toolbars,buttons and features. I really hope you have the answer for me!!! Many thanks for the help you are giving me!! Greetings igor

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          specht1 Level 1

          I'd go with a css framework / grid. Since there are many pitfalls if you want to write css from scratch. They're many css frameworks available. They are (if you know some css) quite easy to implement and therefor help you to easily create the Layout you like.


          Btw: using a starter solution from DW isn't so bad also.




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            pziecina Level 6

            Hi Again


            I tend to use whatever css based layout type I think is best suited for the design, (never tables for layout and absolute positioned items with caution, see my answer to your previous thread regarding % values) this may even include using 'trial' feature such as html 5 and css3 with jQuery or whatever.


            The thing is with layouts, is to decide how you wish your page to look and function, then work out how-to-do it, that for me is what keeps it interesting. As an example I have even experimented with using a flash swf as a resizeable background image with animation, (works, but the browser must be resized by 1px to force the swf to resize on initial load of page).