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    Installed CS5 now CS4 projects don't work

    Mark Morreau Level 2

      Further to an assurance in another thread that CS4 and CS5 could happily co-exist I installed the CS5 Master Collection full version on my Win7Pro 64 system.

      Now I have just opened a project in CS4. The media is all marked offline. When I try and re-link it I get an error message "File Format Not Supported"...

      The original files in this project were M2T and .MP4 from Sony Z5 and EX1 respectively.


      Any ideas about how to get this all working again? I did make an image of my system file before installing CS5 so can always revert to that, but I would like to be able to use CS5 as well as revisiting CS4 projects!


      Just to add then even when I create a new CS4 project try and import either M2T or BPAV (haven't tried any other formats) I still get this "File Format Not Supported" error message. So it looks like CS5 has hosed my CS4's ability to import media!  There must be an easy fix to this.... and yes, Premiere 4.2.1.






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