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    Can I use Adobe AIR to render an image and exit...on a server?


      We currently have an online Flex app that renders csv data as charts.  One option we have is to export to MS PowerPoint. The current implementation involves the following for each chart we put into the PowerPoint slideshow...

      * render the chart in flex

      * convert it to bitmap in flex

      * compress it to jpeg in flex

      * send each jpeg to the server

      * generate a ppt slideshow using the jpegs on the server

      * let the user download the ppt slideshow when it is ready


      Since the csv data is already on the server, and our servers are generally faster than the average PC, I'd like to move these steps to an AIR application that runs on the server.  Has anyone done this before?


      Should I run my AIR app as a service that listens for requests?

      Should I launch my AIR app each time a chart needs to be rendered and then exit when it is done?

      Are there complications with launching AIR when a user isn't logged into the machine?