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    Need Help ASAP!!


      So i am a nube to Dreamweaver and i have a mojor dilema! I have to create a website for school and my school gives their students web space and i have to upload my website onto my web space and everything uploads except for my pictures.  The website works perfectly when i preview it in the browser when i use dreamweaver but when i plug it in to the web everything shows up except my pictures.


      Here is the website if you need to look at it.




      Please help!!



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          Level 4

          could be one of two problems. either you don't have images uploaded to the correct directory or you're referencing images in an incorrect directory.

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            pziecina Level 6



            The problem is with the naming of your images, e.g. -



            You cannot include the / in an image name unless this indicates that your image is in a folder named Varsace, also do not use the x in file names.

            try renaming the images (as an example) to - 0459290425541R.jpg, (or better still give it a proper name) change all such items in your code to match the new name and upload to the server.



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              J Cellini Level 3

              The first thing you need to do is to remove the spaces from your file and folder names. For example, instead of name an image my picture.jpg, name it my_picture.jpg. Also, give your images meaningful names.


              I could not find a path to your images. I think your problem is the path. What folder contains your images?