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    DaveElsensohn Community Member


      I've been developing a Flash Lite 3.0 application for Nokia S60 devices, for  various screen sizes. I have been using several profiles in Device  Central for testing, but usually the 5800 (Flash Lite 3.0 version). When  the application detects the Stage width and height, it determines how  to display itself.

      Until now the 5800 profile has reliably shown its portrait screen size  to be 360x640. The Nokia profiles on Device Central recently showed up  orange, indicating they needed to be updated, so I did so.

      After updating the Nokia profiles, the 5800 now shows its size as  360x452 (Stage.height is 452 is trace statements). This cuts off the  application screen and positions it in the center.


      This also occurs when testing the app  as a .sisx on an actual 5800 device; the application is cut off and  positioned at top. (software version 21.0.025)


      The new X6 also has this issue. Other profiles (5530, etc.) are not affected. I understand that the keypad might reduce the screen to 452, but the presence of the keypad should not interfere with Flash Lite's detection of the Stage height. I have set "DisableKeypadCompatibilityMode", FullScreen to true, and scaleMode to "noScale".


      Any ideas as to why the 5800 now believes its height is 452?

      Many thanks for your thoughts,