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    Issues with camera detection...


      I hook up my Sony HVR-HD1000N to my tower via firewire and under details it reads online. However, in the main capture window it reads device offline. I can control it to the point of rewinding, playing, etc but I cannot record. I also have HDV set to auto and have tried just DV and HDV. I have check connections and all the normal troubleshooting. This is very frustrating as Premiere Pro will capture it on my laptop but will not run efficently on Windows 7.



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          Well, different cameras like to have things done in different order, i.e. plugging in, turning ON, launching PrPro, launching the Capture Module. This differs camera make to camera make, and might also differ by the OS (?). I would first try different orders, such as plugging in, launching PrPro, turning ON camera, and then launching the Capture module. If you can find a combo that works, then write that down for that machine.


          Other than that, I'd look into camera drivers for Win7 and similar.


          Good luck,