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    Problem with preloader not passing over nextFrame();


      The preloader I created doesn't transistion to the next frame, it just hangs on the preloader frame at 0%.  Here is my code:




      loaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, updatePreloader);

      function updatePreloader (evtObj:ProgressEvent):void{

        var percent:Number = Math.floor((evtObj.bytesLoaded*100)/evtObj.bytesTotal);
        preloader_bar.width = (percent/100) * 600;
        preloader_txt.text = "Loading " + percent + " %";
        if (percent == 100) {
         this.removeEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, updatePreloader);




      The problem is when the swf is called online it stops on the 1st frame and shows the preloader at 0% and does nothing.  I can right-click on the non-functional embedded flash swf and select play and it runs fine; but this doesnt make any sense for my users to be doing the same...  However, when the file is recalled after the first attempt it works fine.  Any ideas what could be going on?