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    Need to capture HDV from mini DV... but don't have HDV camera


      Hi folks!


      I need some clarification here.  Last week, I captured 12 Mini DV tapes from a Canon XH A1 (rental) to my computer.  One mistake- I still need to capture 1 more mini DV tape to my computer.


      I found a local camera shop in town that can capture video, but they are telling me that the video will not be in HD, since they do not have a bluray burner. They really don't specialize in video so I'm not getting much help from them.  They said they would call me back later to discuss.


      Question for you guys:


      How difficult is it to capture the HDV to a 32GB SDHC?  The tapes I previously captured are mpeg files about 11GB ea.




      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!