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    endless loop in invalidateProperties for borderSkin

    Mrs Dafna Level 1


      We have an App that used to work OK in the flash builder Beta2, but after upgrading to the new flashBuilder and new SDK it stopped showing its content.

      Currently we see there is a loop inside the "invalidateProperties" of LayoutManager, (so we don't get the "creationComplete" )

      It keeps getting there for the object "borderSkin". we don't use this skin explicitly, and the only spark component we use is textArea.


      Can this be related somehow to the compiler options?

      (In other app we had to add flag  -keep-all-type-selectors to the main app for the module to recognize its default skin. It worked fine with the beta builder)


      1) Is there a list of the changes in compiler defaults between the builder beta and the last release?

      2) Any other idea of why would this happen?