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    Firefox vs IE

    snelsoninthemtns Level 1

      I've set up my web site and tested in Firefox.  Everything lines up exactly as I want it.  When viewing it in Internet Explorer, many things don't line up as I want them i.e.,

           - text doesn't position correctly around images

           - images seem to be wider than they should be

           - borders around images are black instead of yellow

           - there's an unwanted border at the top of the page


           just to name a few . . .


      Is there documentation somewhere that would show me how to fix this?


      Here's a link to the web site:  http://www.theshimogaproject.com/

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          First thing we have to do is get your code up to par.  First run your page through this:  http://validator.w3.org/ .  Alt tags are required on all images.  But that is not the troubling points.  You are using attributes that don't exist, tags that have starts but not ends, breaks written as <br> instead of <br /> (this is because your doctype is XHTML), a table row tag that is not within a table, <div> tags cannot reside inside a <p> tag, etc., etc.


          Go through that first and that will solve some of your display issues.  Next you do have one issue with your CSS:


          .mainContent ul 2 {
              padding-left: 25px;
              font-size: 95%;


          That 2 in there is causing an issue.  It's not a valid statement in that format.  The maincontent is your class, the ul refers to the element and 2 refers to nothing. Remove that and your CSS will be valid.


          After you make these changes we can examine your code if you are still experiencing any of those issues.

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            snelsoninthemtns Level 1

            Hello Again,


            I've cleaned up everything that I understood from the validator. 

            There's still 14 items that I don't understand.  I also fixed the CSS

            issue.  None of these things did anything to help with the problems with

            IE.  I don't understand how Firefox is doing exactly what I want and IE

            is all distorted.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.