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    Defaulting slides with less than a min of content to a min...


      I'm 3 months deep into three different projects, and I'm still having problems with Presenter.  Even after the 7.0.5 update.  I have worked through a lot of the bugs I've found, but am stuck on this one:


      I have several slides that have a presenter talking (w/ video) in the sidebar, and either regular slide content, or imbeded .flv/.swf

      My problem is that the slides that are under 60 secs are defaulting to 60 secs.  So if I have a 37 second slide, it just stops and runs the time out.  We create consumer products and this won't be acceptable for release.


      Suggestions on how to get the default slide time to work?  I've set it to 2 mins, 10 secs, and restored the default to 5 secs.  It doesn't have a problem as long as the slide content goes over the defult time (1 min).  So I was trying to just reduce the default slide time to nothing.