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    Reading/Printing Large Files Crashes my Network Connection


      Intermittently, but all too often (and costing me 20-30 minutes each time), when I am handling larger (say >1 Mb) adobe files in Reader 9 opened on the network file server, my PC (running XP on a fairly new machine--Dell Precision Core Duo 2.66GHz with 2 Gb RAM) will totally lose network connectivity.  All network applications will hang, DNS is lost, and I can't ping any address (even gateway).  I have reloaded Acrobat Reader many times, and actually reinstalled my entire system, and sure enough, this crops up again.  I went around with Dell Support (boneheads) and they said it's software, so not covered, and the software guys I paid (and got refunded) $129 in Philipines were useless.


      Any ideas?   Acrobat Reader is definitely the key factor that seems to be causing this.