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    Adobe Reader takes over my computer!


      I have Windows Vista 64 and my wife needs adobe reader for school but as soon as i install it Adobe Reader trys to open every program on the computer! I looked at my file associations and nothing says adobe. Every icon on the desktop changes to adobe (ie. the windows media player icon changes to the Adobe reader icon.) When i try to access anything it says Adobe cannot open. The only way to fix it is to restore to a point before adobe reader was installed. I've tried everything. PLEASE HELP!

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          Adobe Reader would cost much Memory resource if you fistly launch it. And it is slow to load PDF files. I have no good idea to make that problem. You can try Foxit reader, which is lighter than adobe reader, if the file is not that large, the loading speed would be fast.

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            I have seen this problem with Adobe Reader on Vista in this forum a couple of times.  Unfortunately no solution was ever found.  All I could do at the end was to recommend using an alternate PDF Reader.

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              I am having this problem with Adobe Reader and Windows 7 as well.  I am seriously PO'ed.  From the numbers of people who are having the problem and lack of response from either Adobe or Microsoft to find a solution it makes me wonder if it isn't time to find alternatives.  I do have Acrobat installed & once I finally got it working after installing Windows 7 (there were conflicts there as well) it seems to be working fine and I can open my .pdf documents.  Now I just have to figure out how to set things up to so I can more easily open .pdf's in my browser(s).  If you are only using Reader I would suggest searching for one of the alternative programs.  There are some out there.  But no doubt about it, Reader 9 sucks, big time.

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                Thanks for everybodies help! Glad to hear i'm not the only one. I've been using PDF exchange viewer which works great but some things for her school require adobe. And no Adobe doesn't give a crap about this problem! I contacted them and because it's freeware they won't help! If anybody happens to figure it out let me know! Thanks Again

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                  Okay all - I have just determined that this is not a problem with Reader but is in fact the result of a (gasp!) virus that seems to have invaded our computers.  It changes all file associations to a .lnk extension.  I did know this when the problem first happened after updating to Adobe Reader 9.3.2 but I have uninstalled Reader completely and when I opened up this morning I saw all of my icons had changed to Internet Explorer, again all with that .lnk extension.  A google search took me to the following Microsoft site - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/itprovistadesktopui/thread/e8631c28-4ce5-43c c-8865-b75fa2255b57 which contains a link to a file that will make the necessary change to the Registry.  I followed the procedure & rebooted and things are back to normal.  Note that there is a change to the Registry so you may want to back it up just to be safe, but so far I haven't had any problems.   I am also running a full virus scan, including spyware and adware.  Good luck.

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                    Thank You!!! ThankYou!!! I will try this when i get off work today. I will repost if it works for me to let everyone know! Thanks Again!!!

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                      Thanks again man but it didn't work for me. Downloaded from the link, ran it, said registry values changed, but after i restarted it same problem. Ran virus, spyware, and adware and didn't detect anything (made sure all programs were updated.) So i don't know but seriously thanks for tryin!

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                        Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you.  If you are able to open your web

                        browser (I assume you can do that) do a Google search on "viruses that

                        change Windows icons to .lnk" and you will find a number of responses.  This

                        is one of them -

                        http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/itprovistadesktopui/thread/e8631c28-4ce5-43c c-8865-b75fa2255b57.

                        This is a Microsoft site and you can see there are a few options.  You may

                        need to contact Microsoft directly.  Hope this helps some, buddy.  Good

                        luck.  I'm still holding my breath as to whether or not my computer will

                        remain stable.  I told my wife last night that I am seriously considering

                        switching to Mac!!!  We bought a Mac for her a couple of years ago & she

                        loves it (no problems with it all).  I kept the Windows based machine

                        because, (a) I am familiar with it, and (b) it is more compatible with a lot

                        of the business software and files I used to be involved with.  As that is

                        not necessarily the case any longer, a switch may be in my future.  But in

                        the meantime I continue to try to tweak Windows to suit me & I continue to

                        try find solutions to the problems that inevitably occur.  Again good luck.

                        Let me know how you do.