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    Issues Changing Images


      I really need some help! As part of a much, much larger project, a client has asked me to take an existing flash banner, change the graphic, text, and link to make 4 more that are almost identical. Though I haven't worked extensively with Flash, I am familiar with it and thought this should be fairly easy, right? (Unfortunately, easy isn't exactly the word I'd use.)


      I'm trying to take an existing fla, and change just the graphic, text, and button link to make a nearly identical banner. However, when I import a new image to replace the old image, the button disappears. I've tried overwriting the current image as well, and while I have a new image to show on the banner, and the text still works just fine, AND I have the outline of the box that should house the button (it even shows in the library), that button just will not appear and I can't figure out why!


      Additionally, I will need to change the link, and since I'm having this much problem with a button, maybe you could help me understand how that works as well, because I can't even change it on the original.


      I truly appreciate any help you can provide!!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you'll probably need someone to download your file and fix it but you might be lucky and get away with:


          1.  delete nothing in the duplicate fla

          2.  import your new image to your library.

          3.  on the timeline that contains the old image, click to select the old image.

          4.  in the properties panel (windows/properties or windows/properties/properties), click swap and select the new image.

          5.  test.

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            imasmartwoman Level 1

            Thanks, but that didn't really work.


            I have packaged up the fla, and then added the new graphic to a RAR if someone is interested in taking a look. I really need to understand what is going wrong since he wants me to make 5 more of them (sigh).




            Open up both RARs to see the original, so you can see what it normally looks like. I  can get the new image to show up just fine - but it is breaking the button so it doesn't show up, and doesn't seem to want to link to anything.


            Thanks again for the help!

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              (i don't usually download and correct files unless i'm hired.  maybe someone else will download your files.)