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    Enchange - plugin approval time?

    Allen Gambrell Level 1

      I submited 2 Lightroom plugins to exchange over a month and a half ago and they have yet to have there status changed from "New Submission".


      Is this normal, or is adobe not approving any plugins before Lightroom 3? If there is something wrong then they should have contacted me by now right?


      I cannot find out who to contact about this, any help would be nice.

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          Vladimir Vinogradsky

          It appears Adobe has been very busy with LR3 so they let Adobe Exchange go unattended for a time being.

          I have some new plug-ins and updates that have been unapproved for weeks if not months.

          But aside from reviewing pending updates they also should add Lightroom 3 to the "Product Compatibility" list, now that LR3 has been released.

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            areohbee Level 6

            Yeah, my last plugin took about 2 months to go through.


            In years past they would go through in a week or two if I remember correctly - they're definitely not attending to this like they used to.


            In my opinion - two months is excessive. Please Adobe...


            At an absolute minimum - a once a week reminder (from a real human) that it hasn't fallen through a crack forever.