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    "Y" Adapter Recomendation?

    tclark513 Level 3

      Can somebody recommend a good "Y" Adapter for outputting from "one" side of a video card into two monitors?

      I want to do this so I can output the other side to an HD External Monitor.


      I have found a few but they all have mixed reviews.


      Thanks in advance!

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          shooternz Level 6

          Surely that wil only give you the same "screen" in both screens!


          Maybe thats what you want?


          I have a VGA Splitter Box but its non branded.  (I only used it for a presentation through three rooms (three monitors - same screen)

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            tclark513 Level 3

            It should stretch the desktop across both monitors.  That way I can use the other output for the HDTV.  I have not tested it yet but that way hopefully Premiere will use the HDTV for the external preview.


            Has anybody else tried this or have had any luck using two monitors and an external HDTV for preview?

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              shooternz Level 6

              I am not sure that is going to work for you.


              When you stretch across two monitors...you use the two outputs from the card with a monitor on each, to do so.


              But: I think there are  a few ways to "skin this cat"


              My CS4 Suite has two 23" monitors used for PPRO GUI  ( ie stretched across 2 screens with my custom Workspace)

              I can play out to full screen on the second monitor with this set up.

              Same system also has two externals connected vi fire wire and a DV converter box ( client TV and a Broadcast Monitor).


              My new CS5 Suite is built around a SIngle 27" Monitor.  There is plenty of "real estate" on this monitor with the standard Editing Workspace

              I will connect the second out put to a TV Monitor that can accept  vga input ( and everything else as well)

              I will connect my broadcast monitor via F/W.


              I also use the Tilde Key shortcut in both these systems frequently.

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                tclark513 Level 3

                Thanks for your help...I really appreciate the input!


                I dont think I can get by with a 27" monitor.  I am so used to two 19" monitors with so much real estate it would be hard to downsize.

                What are other people doing in this case?  Would I have to get another video card for the HDTV external preview?  I wonder how Premiere would handle two different video cards in the same system?

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  I have been using twin monitor workspaces for years.


                  So when I built the new system I just bought the 27" with the original thought that  I would get another one as well once I had set up the new suite.


                  but...the minute I installed CS5... it was so obvious with the 27" monitor that I didnt need the complication of two plus the externals in the way  how I had traditionally set them all up.  In fact... there is more real estate than what I had with the 2 x 23"  ( ie. higher screen resolution)


                  This is a better set up. for editor useability and experience and provide a superior external monitor arrangement which is more flexible.


                  If you are determined to use two cards you will need something like a Black Magic Card as one of them.  You will find this brings its own complications.  (I have been there and done that!)

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                    tclark513 Level 3

                    You have a fx3800 right?  I noticed it has three outputs on the back.

                    Can you use two outputs for two monitors and I was wondering if Premiere would see the third for an external monitor?

                    Is this how it would work for you?


                    I know you said you are only working with a 27" monitor but I was wondering if you tried tow monitors and an external with the 3800?



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                      shooternz Level 6

                      You can only ever use two of the outputs at any one time. (on most video cards  - "I think")


                      Thats part of my reason for setting up differently this time with the bigger desktop monitor and using the 2nd out put for a HD TV monitor with vga connections. ( ie. it operates as a Desktop monitor with less important panels/part of the PPRO GUI and an HD Playback when I choose to)


                      Note:  My other externals run off a F/W connection. (looped thru')

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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                        You sure are persistent, didn't we answer this to your satisfaction in: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2765340#2765340 a few weeks ago?