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    go to url links not working

    wistfullull Level 1

      I made a page and have buttons, each with a rollover image swap and a link to url interaction. The urls are not working (they go the one I mistakenly put on the first button I made, but then changed). They should each be going to a different page. Even so, the link they are showing is there but it's not linking. Not sure what I did wrong.


      Here is the temp page:



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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3


          So, when you created the 'go to' links in Catalyst, what did you type in the field?

          When I click on each one, it brrings me to: "http://cooking.html/ (for example) which is definitely not right.

          The links you have to type into the 'go to' field are absolute links, meaning you have to include the full path.

          Using the url you provided, I'm guessing what you'd really like it to go: "http://dreamtrampoline.com/canalhouse/cooking.html"


          Did you enter the absolute url (as I listed above), or the relative (relative to your website url) url?


          Let me know, I can help you resolve this issue.

          Thanks for posting,


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            wistfullull Level 1

            I put this in on the "On Click":  http://dreamtrampoline.com/canalhouse/drink.html


            I also tried it on "Mouse Down", thinking that might work.


            When I first did the page, I did put a relative path on the first button, but realized it wasn't going to work. It seems like, to me, that this never "left" when I corrected it. Is there maybe some glitch?

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              Tara Jane Feener Level 3

              Thanks for sending me your FXP!

              So I've figured out the "go to url" problem.

              It looks like there's an interaction on your application for "on click" go to url "cooking.html".

              What's happening, is when you click one of the items, like the cookbook, it goes to the correct cookbook page, then processes the application click and goes to the troublesome cooking.html.

              To remove the application interaction, click on the gray area outside of the artboard canvas.

              Look in the interactions panel.  You'll see 'Application' there to show the application has selection, and you'll see one interaction for a goto url:cooking.html.

              Select that interaction and delete it.

              Test your project to make sure all click interactions work fine now.

              Let me know if that works, still looking into the second issue.

              Thanks for posting!