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    Basic RH7 project planning questions


      Hi, I’ve read numerous postings in this and other forums, many pages of RH7 online help, and cannot find answers to some basic questions.


      I am planning a help system for a client app being developed in .NET Framework. I am using RoboHelp HTML with plans to output to CHM. The app will be accessed via keyboard/mouse and touchscreen, so pop-up text via mouse-over is not an option. (I’d appreciate any suggestions for optimizing help presentation on a touch screen.)


      I envision a two-tiered help system:

      1.       Small context sensitive help windows that open on top of the app, accessed (optionally) by clicking or pressing a more information link from within a brief help message embedded on the app screen. Screen-specific content only. These windows should have no navigation or search, just the help text, and a close button. I want to do simple customization of the appearance of this window (font and background color).

      2.       Comprehensive online help single-sourced from the FrameMaker user guide (also to be delivered as pdf). Full search, TOC, index, navigation, links, etc.. I’d like this help to be context sensitive, that is, when user clicks or presses ? on the app screen, I’d like the help to open to the start of the instructions for the current task.


      Is this plan doable? Advisable? If so, can all the content be housed in one CHM file? What output files will I need to provide the developer? Will I need multiple cascading style sheets?

      Really appreciate any guidance and suggestions.