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    Help with spaces between pictures


      Hi, I'm new at the forum and relatively new on web design, however I've done this before with no problem but this time I have a problem, I'm trying to build an eBay listing using a big sliced picture created using photoshop, the problem is basically on the image based links primary, in my safari they look fine but in windows using IE7 and IE8 they look awful, I tried adding the border="o" and it helped to take the blue border away but the space between the images is still there.


      Basically what I id was save the image for web and devices with photoshop and create a preview which gave me the HTML code, I copied and pasted on dreamweaver and replace the images source to point to my server, like I said I've done that before and I did fix the problem before but that was some time ago and I'm not really sure what I did that time.


      here is the page http://www.oneway-studios.net/dgtals...ghtmlcode.html


      Thanks for you help.


      Btw I'm not really good with CSS, more like I have no idea how to work with CSS and as ebay takes only HTML i don't know if CSS would help. I may be wrong tho.

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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          A few tips about that page:


          1) Don't use Photoshop to create your html. Export only the image and then use DW to create your html

          2) Don't put text over complex background images. Much of your text is unreadable due to poor contrast

          3) Get some one to proof your copy. There are many grammatical errors and poorly structured sentences.

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            GHOSTYAIRO Level 1

            Thanks for the tips.

            1. I tried to use only DW to organize the images but unfortunately like I said before I have no prior knowledge other than just trial and error so it was only errors for me and photoshop was the closest one to achieve what I wanted.

            2. You are right about the text, this is not final, I plan to fix that but right now my concern is the organization of the images.

            3. I copied and pasted the text form the original distributers of the product and I cannot alter/change it in any way, so... As for what has nothing to do with the product I may made mistakes of course because english is not my native language, but that would be fixed after a quick review of any of my usa native friends, so again not my priority right now.


            But thanks for the tips, I will review that after I fix the space problem.

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              GHOSTYAIRO Level 1

              Fixed, Turns out the anchors where tied to the first picture on the menu bars, so what I did was make the anchor in a separate line with border="0" then added the links and well pretty much solved the issue. Thanks for your help.