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    wmode=opaque, IFRAME, IE and mouse wheel





      wmode=opaque (wmode=window doesn't fit my needs)
      I know about  wmode=opaque&mouseWheel&Firefox issue. Here is something   similar but not exactly the same.


      Please, take a look at the example posted here http://rz-rz.110mb.com/


      Make shure  you have maximized your IE window. Then point your mouse within the red  square (see the image) and try to scroll the mouse wheel. The list will  be scrolling. But if you point our mouse over the list itself and start  scrolling the mouse wheel, the list will not scroll. This is a bug I  suppose


      Here is the image of where the mousue pointer  should be and some suggestions about the nature of the bug.




      I don't know if this is the IE bug or player's one.


      Is there an issue at adobe.com or microsoft.com concerning this problem? (found this  one https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-289 but can't find one similar to my problem)


      Is there a workaround?