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    CS5 Help Application Broken

    Taverino Level 2

      Shortly after installing CS5 (licensed version - not demo), I decided to check out the PPro help file. After selecting HELP->ADOBE PREMIERE PRO HELP, a window popped up telling me that an update for the Adobe Help application was available. I figured what could possibly go wrong? Well the installation of the update failed:


      "The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author."


      And now, whenever I try to view the PPro Help, I get:


      "This installation of this application is damaged. Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance."


      So I downloaded the Adobe Help application from http://www.adobe.com/support/chc/ and the installation also fails with the same message. I also tried re-installing it from the distribution DVD's. Didn't help. I guess I can access the help files from the Content DVD, but just want to warn others in case you are tempted to run the update. I guess there could be something flakey about my system:


      Mac OSX 10.5.8

      2 x Dual-Core

      13GB RAM