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    getting sites/ftp info off of an old harddrive


      I had CS4  installed on my machine with about 20  sites/ftp info etc saved into it.  My computer had a complete meltdown  and I had to rebuild the computer. I have installed CS4 onto the new  hard drive and I was able to save the  old hard drive (it was unstable  though and safer to start fresh).


      Is it  possible to have my installation of  CS4 grab the site information from a  different drive on my machine?

      I  was hoping it would just find it when I installed the software, but no  such luck.



      I tried  "importing sites" but I could find any .ste files that it was looking  for. It will take a long time to  re-input all of those sites. Is there simply a file from the old CS4 directory that I could overwrite within the new installation? Anything like that?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Stuart Haiz

          If any of your sites are sitting on live servers and you still have ftp access, why not download the sites/directories as a whole. I would imagine this would be OK if they are current clients and you are not downloading anything that effectively 'belongs' to them, such as the contents of any databases.

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            BluegillMedia Level 1

            Sorry, it isn't a matter of getting the files from the sites onto the new hard drive it is a matter of getting all the sites set up within dreamweaver (which is installed on both hard drives, but only the installation on the new hard drive seems to run). So I would like to get the ftp info (username/password/server loc etc) from the old drive so that I don't have to recreate each of the sites in the dreamweaver file/site manager. I have all of the files for all of the sites, but I have the ftp info scatter through thousands of emails, so i was hoping not to have to search around and find them all, just import the info.