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    Session time in Adobe Reader?



      I have a pdf form that users use to submit data to my application witch stays on an application server. From there the data is submited to LifeCycle for prossesing.

      The system works fine if the form has less then 30 pages.

      However the form can get to 100+ pages. in this case after 60-70 sec an error pops on Adobe Reader Client : "An error occurred during the submit process. There was a problem connecting to the server".

      looking in the logs i've noticed that the time needed to complete the form prossesing of a 100+ pages pdf is about 3 min.


      Sollutions tryed so far:

      I've increse the session time on the application server to 10 min.

      I've added a registry key in windows (KeepAliveTimeout, ServerInfoTimeout) to 10 min


      Results: I stil get the error in Reader Client after 60 sec. 


      Can the session time be set in Adobe Reader?

      Can anyone give me an ideea how can i increse the session lenght to 3 min?