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    New feature or a bug

    Ratko Asanovic Level 1

      Hello friends,


      Well i do work in Illustrator CS4 and recently i got trial of Master Collection of CS5 for testing before making any upgrade. And in Illustrator CS5 there is one thing that annoys me pretty much since i am using Illustrator a looooot and i was interested is this a "feature" or a bug since in Illustrator CS4 is different thing. Well, now to present the case. In Illustrator CS4 when you select some object and do double click on Selction Tool (V) or just selecting Selection Tool (V) and pressing Enter key to get the Move dialog and when i enter some value for Vertical move and is positive value logically it would go up. Negative values goes down. In Illustrator CS5 that's not the case. It appears like coordinate system is upside down for vertical values. So by entering the positive value object will go down instead up like in CS4. Also if i try to adjust the angle since is negative if i enter positive value for moving up and i adjust angle to be positive 90 degrees Illustrator automatically adjusts moving value to negative one and moves object up. This behavior is so wrong. Horizontal values works just fine as in CS4 but vertical moving is not correct. So does anyone of you have experienced this? Is this is a "feature" we are forced to use or it is a bug or I should stick to Illustrator CS4?! Can someone shed some light on this? Maybe an Adobe engineer?


      Besides i have tested this on Snow Leopard 10.6.3 and Windows 7, 64bit fully updated.



      Ratko Asanovic

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          Neeraj N-LscgRS Level 2

          Ai CS5 has a significant improvement in the way X, Y co-ordinates work in the application. Earlier the 0,0 of X,Y used to be on the bottom-left of the artboard, now these are on to the top-left with positive increments going from top to bottom in the Y co-ordinate. Along with this, you would notice that each artboard has its unique ruler origin at the top-left.


          This is reason for the difference that is been seen in the Move dialog. And incase you want to work with the co-ordinates the old way, you can right-click (Cmd-Click) on the ruler and select 'Change to Global Rulers', then set the origin (0,0) at the bottom left of the artboard.



          - Neeraj

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            Ratko Asanovic Level 1

            Many thanks Neeraj,


            But i have already tried that by changing the origin point to lower left hand side corner and changing to "Change to Global Rulers" but it is still the same

            Still if positive value entered for Vertical move it will move it down instead up as it should. I hope there is some reasonable solution to this...




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              Neeraj N-LscgRS Level 2

              The dialogs (including Move, Transform, etc.) follow the new co-ordinates of 0,0 at top-left with positive increments from top to down in the Y-axis. Changing to Global Rulers would not have an imact there. The only place the Global Rulers would have an impact is the Transform Panel.


              There are benefits of the new co-ordinate - like changing the origin does not impact the patterns. And it is in sync with other applications like Photoshop, InDesign etc.


              Is there an specific reason for which you want to have the old system, or just an accustomed way of working.



              - Neeraj

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                Ratko Asanovic Level 1

                Well among all other things i do in Illustrator is that in studio where I work I deal the most with single artboard setups because of prepress. And i get use to position elements the old way. This new move way is not logical and not logical in mathematical way. I always expect when entering the positive value that objects go up not down. And seems there is no way handling objects like that in Ai CS5. Eventually i could use to work this way but to me is not logical and very frustrating that i need to change my working habits because I can't setup behavior as I want.




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                  Vernox Level 1

                  The reason for Illustrator's previous origin, by the way, is that with 0,0 at the lower left of the page, all transformations are positive numbers (until you move the origin, of course) which was computationally easier to manage back in the days of tiny RAM and slow computers.