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    CS5: CUDA, CPU and other hardware questions

    Geoff Vane

      CS5 can gain much speed with CUDA technology by Nvidia; I assume everybody who researched a bit knows this.


      However, I like very exact information to get the best decision for a new investment.

      I need to get two identical new CS5 systems, that are much faster and not as buggy as my last CS4 system.

      I have about 30.000 euro for 2 machines.


      Our studio demands SDI connections, so I got a Matrox Axio.

      Currently my system has lots of problems with Premiere and After Effects:


      - Field swaps

      - Inconsistent effect parameters

      - Very slow rendering

      - Very slow app startups

      - Multi task slowdowns

      - Crashes of apps

      - Very slow interface operations


      1. Does CS5 only use the CUDA of supported CUDA Cards?

      2. Does SLI or multi graphic card tech, help CS5 speed at all?

      3. Is it useful to get a Tesla next to a Quadro 5800 or is it not seen by CS5?

      4. What Intel processor is best suited for After Effects rendering: iX or Xeon architecture?

      5. Does Adobe really use only 3 Gb per core, meaning you should not buy more than 3Gb per CPU core? Or is it per THREAD and should I get more RAM?

      6. Speed or number: Is it better to focus on very high total core speed, or to optimal RAM distribution by getting as many cores as possible?

      7. Can a Matrox MXO2 Rack unit, cooperate with the Nvidia CUDA power or could both accelerations/technologies hinder eachother?

      8. Is it best to get Nvidia SDI connectivity or is there a save alternative?

      9. Can iX CPU's be dual or is that a Xeon option only?

      10. What is the fastest 6 core Xeon that can be dual?

      11. Does CS5 need a good scratch disk: is it wise to get a SSD just for scratch or is it overkill?

      12. Some say the Nvidia 5800 is not the fastest card around; it has 240 cuda cores and some gtx cards have far more than that. What is the story?


      I probably forgot about 324 other questions, but for now these will do.

      If any of you can give objective and confirmed information, please do!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1. Yes

          2. No

          3. Not yet

          4. In essence the architecture is the same

          5. One gets diminishing returns after 12 GB on single socket and 24 G on dual socket mobo's

          6. Number if disregarding OC

          7. Dunno, but be wary of anything with the name Matrox because of their drivers

          8. SLI is not supported

          9. Xeon only

          10. X5690

          11. Yes, but SSD shows no performance gain at all, only higher prices and lower capacity

          12. Have a search here for MPE/CUDA and stuff like that.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Jeez...only 324 questions to go Harm.


            Good luck with the rest of them.



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              Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

              "I have about 30.000 euro for 2 machines."  That's about  $38,772.00 USD!!  Oh what I could build with that money!  I.M.O, I would seriously look for a way around using Matrox video products.  We began using the Matrox RT.X100 back in 2003 with Premiere 6.5.  On a good day, we could edit all day with only one crash.  The RT.X100 introduced serious problems to our workflow like corrupted project files and timelines that would export finished "show master" videos that contained errors like areas that freeze frame for 10 seconds.


              Here is a link in the Adobe Hardware Forum to the two systems I recently built for the company I work for.  Both systems cost roughly the equivalent of  2,725 EUR. That's not each, but for both systems:


              Our Two Rock-Solid Editing Systems


              The X-58 motherboards will accept the new 6 core intel i7 980x processors, you could go with 4GB sticks of RAM for a total per system of 24 and pop in a couple of Nvidia 285 GTX's for MPE acceleration.  You should go with Harm's recommendation for Raid setup.  For input and output connections, I'm thinking that someone makes a non-invasive solution.  Take a look at products like the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D.  I really don't know if this product is compatible with CS5 and the Mercury Playback Engine.  I would do a little research on that.