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    Using embedded font when not available on system




      I want to use the system font "Segoe UI" on Windows 7 as it is really great. But on non window 7 / vista systems, i would like to use it as an embeded font. The trik i did was to set the font family css this way:


           font-family: 'Segoe UI', myfont



      Where myfont is the embedded font that i have on my application,



      The problem is that if the system does not have the segoe UI font, Air simply ignores my embedded font and shows an ugly one.



      All this operation is done cause i see that the antialiasing in windows 7 is extremely better than the one flash player uses...


      Am i the only one that noticed that the flash player advanced anti aliasing is not as good as the default windows one??

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Flash Player has several embedded font rendering options.  The most recent

          is to use Flex 4 and TLF/FTE. The oldest embed font option is not that good.


          Note that the quality of device text on Win7 is probably up to the user's

          control panel settings so by not using embedded fonts, you've lost control

          of the quality.


          But if you want to use device fonts on Win7 if available, load the embedded

          font in a module if needed.  I think you can use Font.enumerateFonts to see

          if Segoe UI is available.