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    premiere pro cs5 crashing on start up


      I have an imac i7 and i am a final cut pro user and i wanted to try adobe premiere pro cs5 before i bought well i installed it on my alumunium macbook (late 2008 model) which is and intel dual core 2 ghz processor and 4 gigs of ram and it runs perfectly fine no problems kinda like it, but when i install it on my imac i7 it runs for a little bit then crashes on start up. i even did a full system install of osx and it worked for a little and stopped and now just crashes everytime on start up, and its only premiere pro cuz i downloaded the master collection trial. and everything installed on my macbook is the exact same as installed on my imac i7. so i dont know what the heck is wrong uninstalled a million times, and i dont want to buy this software if i cant even get it to work on the main system i need it to work on. can any one help? here is a piece of the crash report.


      Application Specific Information:
      *** error for object 0x10daac200: incorrect checksum for freed object - object was probably modified after being freed.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, I am a PC-guy, and know almost zero about Macs, so take this with a handful of salt.


          Similar issues in PC's can be caused by programs that incorrectly report their memory address usage to the OS, or programs that tell the OS they have released that memory address, but have, in fact, not done so.


          Now, even if that is what is causing your issue, I have no clue how one could check on a Mac, but we have a lot of Mac-users around here, who can likely tell you that I am crazy and my comments do not apply to a Mac, or how to check.


          Good luck,



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            ogkj2911 Level 1

            Thanks for the info i dont know if thats it or if it is or how ot fix it either i called adobe and they said basically it was apples problem  so i called apple and they did everything they can to help but said i need to call adobe so i was getting no where, apple was way more helpful then adobe. Whats weird is if i create a new user i can use adobe premiere on it so thats what im done untill i can get this solved.