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    Multy-layered chart


      Hey everybody.


      I'm an Abap developer and I'm using Flex to create charts for the Web Dynpro platform. I had great results so far but my clients came with a request that is somewhat more complicated (if at all possible) to implement using the Flash Island platform in Web Dynpro. Just a short brief for those of you who are not familiar with the web dynpro platfrom: During the run of the web dynpro program I fill a table and that table eventually fills the datasource I created in the flex code. It works perfectly with simple graphs.


      The request I got was to create a graph that shows data on a weekly basis, and when the user clicks on a specific week - to display a daily data for that week. I saw a beautiful chart example made by adobe that fills this request perfectly: http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/devnet/dashboard/main.html. You can look at the two graphs on the right to see what I mean exactly.


      Anyway, my question is, can chart of this type be implemented in Web Dynpro? There is no event interface between the swf file and the web dynpro program. If it's going to work than I need to be able to load the entire data into the graph in one time, the data for each of the day of each of the weeks, and the graph should "know" how to navigate between the data so the user can click and see the relevant data. What I mean is that the user click must be an event that occurs inside the flex chart and navigates inside its own datasource because i can't, as far as I know, send the event to the web dynpro product.


      If i wasn't clear please ask for clarifications.


      Thanks for your time,