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    Importing CS4 Workspace into CS5?

    Taverino Level 2

      In AE CS5, is there any way to use a workspace I created in CS4? In PPro, all I had to do was open a CS4 project in CS5 with the "Import Workspace from Projects" enabled and the old workspace is now available. Is there something similar in AE or do I have to recreate my workspaces from scratch?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          I haven't tried this, but it should work.(I'm typing this on a computer that doesn't have both versions installed, but I'll test this soon.)


          The workspaces are stored in a set of preferences files. You should be able to copy them from the CS4 (9.0) directory to the CS5 (10.0) directory.


          As with all of the preferences, these files are here:


          • (Mac OS) <drive>/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After  Effects/10.0

          • (Windows) <drive>\AppData\Roaming\<username>\Adobe\After Effects\10.0


          If this doesn't work, there's little risk, because you can always just delete the files in the preferences folder and restart After Effects, and it will recreate the default preferences, including the workspaces.