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    Accessibility: JAWS/Flex Problem

    Sandro Ducceschi

      I have a major issue in a current project of ours.


      We are implementing accessibility into a game that we are working on right now and i've come up with a little scheme to enable readouts to jaws. Here's the code:


      public static function say(text:String):void
          if (listener)
              var accProperties:AccessibilityProperties;
              if (listener.accessibilityProperties)
                  accProperties = listener.accessibilityProperties;
                  accProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();
              accProperties.name = text;
              accProperties.silent = false;
              accProperties.noAutoLabeling = true;
              accProperties.forceSimple = true;
              listener.accessibilityProperties = accProperties;
              Accessibility.sendEvent(listener, 0, 32773);


      What this does is: it updates the AccessibilityProperties of the Flex Application itself and sends a MSAA compliant EVENT_OBJECT_FOCUS out to the ScreenReader. Thereby the new properties get read.


      All this works perfectly nice and consistent. The beef i'm having, is that whenever it speaks something, it adds: "Graphic" to the end of the sentence its supposed to be saying. How do i get rid of it ? I've even setup a empty mx:Application where i tested this and yet it always says "Graphic".


      Thanks already for any hints and pointers