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    PE8.01 not showing

    Missteach Level 1

      I recently installed PE8 again after all the initial crashes with it.  And I updated the patch to 8.01 (the patch rather than by updater owing to dialup connection).


      It states it was successful but when I look at PE8 it still states version 8 rather than 8.01.  Is this normal?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This THREAD should list the dates of the changed files after an 8.0.1 update.


          Unfortunately, neither the Splash Screen, nor the Help>About show 8.0.1. Guess that Adobe missed that, in their rush to get 8.0.1 released.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            the_wine_snob wrote:


            Guess that Adobe missed that, in their rush to get 8.0.1 released.

            I think it must be an Adobe habit - there was a minor v7 update that never showed in Help> About.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Could be, though I would certainly like to see them be a little more careful.


              In most other Adobe programs, the updates DO show, and with full detail. In bundles, like the PrPro/Encore/Adobe Media Encoder, each shows the exact level of update


              The same is true for PS, AI, InDesign and most others. Clear concise details on the exact level of update. PrE needs that attention.




              PS - I did not even realize that there any update for PrE 7. I learned something new today!

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                Chad Baker Adobe Employee

                Unfortunately this oversight was caught very late in the game, and we felt it was more important to get the update out the door than to do another round of QE testing to get this minor change in. As stated above, there are dates you can check to verify that you have the updated files.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Thank you for the clarification.


                  I figured that your team was under the gun, and I do remember the clamor for the patch on this forum. It's a very small thing, and Steve Grisetti did post the file dates/times, so a user can verify the update.