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    Unable to update to PE 8.01

    Staff Guy Bob Level 1

      Okay, I've been reading through some of these posts and understand that there are some issues. Some very serious issues, and I have experienced a lot of crashing myself, as a matter of fact, I have a video waiting to be saved properly, but PRE 8.0 can't seem to make it through the saving process. Talk about frustration.


      I just bought the computer: Alienware M17X10, w/ Core i7 CPU, 8.00 GB RAM, And unfortunately, dual ATI graphics cards. These (ATI cards) seem to be causing some of the issues.

      I've checked, and my GPU's seem to be up to date... also went through Adobe's steps to turn some things off...


      Bottom line, before I go too far, I just want to give the 8.01 update/patch a try, but everytime I try to update, either through PRE>Help>Updates, or by downloading the update myself/manually, I get the message: "No updates are available"


      What is going on? Do I have to Upgrade to a Adobe PLUS account for this thing to work right? It seems as if Adobe put more time into making sure all the ads and "doo dads" were working and forgot to make sure you can make a video!


      Someone please help.