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    Transparency in Tree component and actions in its sheets


      Hello people

      I'm doing a kind of catalog, and I'm using a component "tree" for listing.
      But here's the problem: I need to use the background I have in the scene, and the component has a white background I need to remove. The workaround I've found is to give 0 _alpha property to the instance of the tree I have in the scene, but it also hides its  icons, and I need those visible.
      The other thing is that I need that when you run over a leaf, multimedia displays a small view of an image, and when you click-go to a specific frame where I have the large image with description.
      If anyone knows how can help me I would be greatly appreciated.
      I searched the online help that Adobe is now, and I found these properties of the tree but there is no way to work (at least I need):


      Thanks in advance.

      P.S: Sorry my bad english