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    Setting To-Do refresh interval

    Mark Lindberg Level 2

      Can anyone tell me how and where to set the To Do list refresh in Workspace.

      New tasks are getting added, and itis currently taking many minutes for the notification to push out to the users.


      Users are having to refresh their browser windows to see new tasks.


      Thank You


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          Jon Bionda

          The Workspace ToDo list refresh is managed by the underlying LiveCycleDataService (LCDS) code and is set to poll for changes every 5 secs or so.  This means it isn't likely a refresh interval issue.  The processing to get a new task to display in a connected ToDo list is as follows:

            1) when a new Task is created on the server, a TASK_CREATED event is triggered (means persisted to the database)

            2) the Event processing system monitors new events and notifies any services that have registered for the event

            3) there is a service listening for this event that pushes the info to the server side LCDS code

            4) the LCDS server code adds it to the lists for the users that have access to the task .

            5) the task is returned to the client on the next LCDS poll cycle.


          Because you say that the tasks do eventually show up, my best guess is that the event processing (#2) is backed up but you would need to contact support to find out how to determine this for sure.

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            Mark Lindberg Level 2


            Thanks for your reply.

            It is possible that the Poll interval has been changed  - if it is configurable by an admin.

            This server had throughput issues in the past, and changes were made  - but I do not know exactly what.

            Do you know where the Poll interval setting is kept?


            This is a development server, so the load is not very great.

            We need to get the notification issue resolved to be able to effectivly test and demo off this box.


            Thanks Again.


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              Jon Bionda Level 3

              The Workspace code contruct the Channelset/Channels manually and the polling interval is on one of these.  The only way to set it is via code.  We actually don't set one and let it default (seems to be between 3 and 5 secs).  Use a proxy debugger like Charles to see what is being sent and you will see something going every few seconds.