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    Adobe Reader crashes Adobe AIR Application silently



      here at my agency we stumbled about a very strange bug:

      A program that we're developing needs to constantly show many types of media: Images, Video, Websites and PDF.

      Its some kind of presentation tool and cycles through the media-objects in its playlist until the programm is quit.


      Now heres the problem:

      After a number of pdfs have been shown the program just quits without any error or anything - it's just gone.

      This happens only after a huge number of pdfs have been shown.

      We think it might have to do with a limitation of the Adobe Reader which we are using through the Webkit Object in AIR.

      It might be that the garbage collector don't recognize that we aren't showing a PDF anymore after switching the source-url of the Webkit Object and the PDF remains opened - I don't know.


      Here we have written a little Application that does nothing else then switching between two PDFs constantly - after about an hour the app crashes silently - it just quits without an error.

      In some cases the whole windows machine freezes.


      This is a very strange bug which we CAN'T debug since its very likely caused by Adobe Reader (or AIR)?!


      Here you can download the test application source