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      Alright, i'm hoping this is a fairly easy question to answer. I use fireworks at my school and I'm designin a site with it. I want to know how in fireworks I can make it so the color fades from dark blue (indigoish color) to a lighter blue. The fade has to be vertical (dark on top fading to lighter blue on bottom). How do I do this in fireworks? I saw something with a gradient paint bucket but I can only make the gradient one do it horizontally. Thanks for your help
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          pixlor Level 4
          When you apply a gradient to an object, the default orientation is horizontal. Select the object and you'll see a line with a square at one end and a circle at the other. Move the square relative to the circle to set the direction of the gradient. Move the distance between the two points to set how much of your object has the gradient. If the points are outside the object, then less than your full gradient is applied. If the points are fully within the object, then only part of your object has the gradient, areas beyond the points are the solid color of the gradient ends. Er...just play with it and you'll see.

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            callmebigpoppa Level 1
            thanks i owe you big time. all i had to do was hold down the right clic button when trying to paint the area and changing it to a vertical alignment. Thanks man.