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    Prevent users from updating data concurrently.


      I need a mechanism to prevent users from updating data in a module concurrently.


      I've Flex in the front end and ColdFusion in the back end.


      1. When user A clicks on a button, Issues, he or she can go in and update data in that module.

      2. That module is locked, i.e., other users cannot access it and get a message that the module is in use.

      3. When user A clicks on the Save button after updating the data, the lock is released.


      I know I need to keep track of sessionid, userid, and some other id's.


      What's the best way to go about it?


      Does Flex have something?

      ColdFusion doesn't seem to have a isSessionValid function, does it?

      Is there any Java code that can be used?


      Thanks in advance.