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    iWeb / DW question


      A friend of mine created a site in iWeb, which I am in the process of rebuilding in DW.

      We're under an extremely tight deadline and I'm concerned about one very specific point.

      I don't know much about iWeb, but when you click on one of his links, it brings up another page, but the URL at the top remains the same.

      When I rebuild, and have links to other pages, that won't be the case.

      However, since I'm hosting it somewhere else, with a different URL, it will say something different when you click on the link.

      Since time is of the essence, and this site will only matter for a few more days (it's for a local candidate for a school committee election on Tuesday), it could look bad if the URL gets all funky with different addresses than the actual candidates. Yet we don't have time for him to turn the URL over to me for my control, as it would need to propogate.


      He said that he can just point his URL to my new differently hosted homepage easily enough, however, when people click on the links, the URL will change.


      Is there a workaround so that it won't?


      Thanks a lot.