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    CS5 imported AIFF playing erratically

    adobemaxamillion Level 1

      Hello all, longtime reader, first time poster here.


      When I import audio files (AIFF 48k, 16bit) they play in the preview window fine. Visually, the waveforms are correct and even when I drop them into the timeline the waveforms are correct. The problem is when playing them in the timeline, unedited, they play as if I spliced random segments together. There are no effects, cuts, etc applied to the audio.


      I called customer service, his only suggestion was to first uninstall CS5 then install OS X 10.6.3 then install CS5 again. I'd hate to go through the trouble if that didn't solve my problem. Not to mention the incompatibility issues 10.6.3 could bring to the other programs I use that are running fine on 10.6.2.




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          KBStudio Level 1

          Found the exact same problem with the Trial version of CS5.  My work around was to go back to CuBase and re-export the audio clip, overwriting the previous version then, importing back into PremierePro.  This was the only solution I could come up with.  No idea why the audio tracks got corrupted nor how they corrupted their source file too.  Kind of a bitter taste when one is testing a new program and it behaves like this.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            AIFF Audio files have seemed to be problematic in some areas. Being on a PC, I just convert them to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit.


            Now, what happens, if you Render (press Enter/Return)? Does playback improve?


            Also, what is your I/O (HDD) setup? Audio can be heavily I/O dependent. Aspects, like a 5200RPM HDD, or one involved in other operations, can cause poor playback.


            Good luck,




            BTW - it seems that the Adobe T/S "script" is to "uninstall/reinstall." Usually, the folk in this forum can offer more and better real world help. Hope that will be your case, and welcome to the forum.

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              KBStudio Level 1

              My work around stopped working.


              I am trying to combine clips I have already exported with properly synced audio into a longer sequence of several clips.  While scrubbing back and forth through the clip, the AIFF audio track(2) became corrupted again.  It had been working fine.  I re-imported the entire clip but the with the attached AIFF file, this original is now corrupted too.


              I am doing something wrong when I am working  with imported audio?  Should I be using a different audio format?


              System specs; MacPro (1,1) 2.66ghz Quad, 9gb RAM, ATI HD 4870 video card 512k vram, OS 10.6.3 64bits, 250gb scratch HDD, 1TB working files HDD, 250gb OS HDD, 1.5TB Video backup.


              Thanks for any help.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Well, if the original is becoming corrupted, then something is VERY wrong. PrPro is a non-destructive NLE. It does nothing with the original file, after it has gathered data from it, until it goes back to that file only to Export. The original is not in the program. The Project file (PRPROJ) is but an XML database with a link to the original file and a set of instructions as to which data is to be copied from it, and then processed (only the extracted data and NOT the original file), to add Effects, etc., for the Exported file. That is a simplification, but covers the bases. I have no idea how your original can become corrupted, but my first "suspect" would be something in the I/O.


                Good luck,



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                  KBStudio Level 1



                  Poor choice of words on my part.  I am referencing the original as the file imported in

                  to PPro not the file in my source folder.  So, what I need to do when this happens, is to re-import from my source folder?

                  As a solution this is easy enough, but it begs the issue of how and why I am having this corruption.




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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Not sure that we are really at odds here. When one Imports a file into PrPro, the actual file is not directly involved (or a folder of files), but is only referenced as a link in XML code, with some annotations. The file residing on the HDD is not actually Imported. This ARTICLE might shed a bit more light on PRPROJ files.


                    Now, if I am getting confused as to what is being corrupted, I apologize, and ignore the link above.


                    Good luck,



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                      KBStudio Level 1



                      Just happened again.  Here is the problem as it manifests itself.

                      1) Import a .mov file with it's original capture audio

                      2) Using CuBase LE, I convert the identical .wav file recorded on a H4n recorder which is also the source of the audio recorded with the .mov file. I am using a 5DM2 with the H4n connected via a 3.5mm cord into the external mic connection.

                      3) From CuBase LE, I export a AIFF file and store it as a source file for syncing with the .mov file.

                      4) In PrePro, I import the .mov file and added it to the timeline.  I locate a point in the waveform that is sharp and defined and add a marker.

                      5) I import the AIFF and add it to the timeline on it's own track.  I locate the same point as the .mov audio and add a marker.

                      6) I now move the .mov or the AIFF track to sync them.  It is during this process that the AIFF file will sometimes become corrupted.  The corruption takes the form of duplicating audio from this file back onto itself.  Short portions of the audio file will play back out of sync with the waveform.  In other words, the waveform doesn't change but the sound played back is different.  This happens with rendered and unrendered audio files.

                      7) Going back to the source file and re-importing the file does not correct the corruption.  Only returning to CuBase and re-exporting the AIFF file corrects the corruption.


                      The corruption can be avoided, sometimes, if I only move the audio file a little and do not scrub around in it.


                      Sorry for the length of this post, but I felt I needed to explain the process and where I run into problems.




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                        crackajack Level 1

                        This has been such a headache. Converting the .aif to an .mov and then replacing the file in ae is my workaround for now. Hey Adobe, FIX THIS!

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                          KBStudio Level 1

                          Given the lack of a fix for this  problem, I have re-exported all the audio files from CuBase LE as .wav files rather than AIFF.  At this point, I am almost finished with the project and haven't had any audio issues.  Maybe hidden somewhere in the Adobe manual is something about problems with AIFF audio files.  I haven't found it.  For the moment, this second workaround seems to be working.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9
                            Hey Adobe, FIX THIS!


                            You are in a user-to-user forum. There is little Adobe presence here. You will want to fill in a Feature Request. I would also encourage you to alter the tone of that "request" a bit.


                            Good luck,



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                              KBStudio Level 1

                              I was well aware of this forums function.  I am also of the understanding that there are working professionals perusing this forum.  It was my hope that one or more of these people might have experienced this problem and found a solution to it or understood the error in my workflow and provided my with this insight.  I am also aware that members of the Adobe staff do look at these forums, although not in a support role.  Submitting a "Feature Requests" seems a little off base.  I am not looking for a feature that doesn't already exists, importing audio files.  Kind of sad state of affairs.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Well, there is a very limited Adobe presence here, but they have "day jobs," and are just valued contributors, helping us see "under the hood," regarding PrPro. They are not really hear to "monitor" the comments in the forum, and one must admit that most of these are really not usable to diagnose any issues, as they almost always lack necessary details to reproduce the issues.


                                That is why I offered the Feature Request/Bug Report. Adobe takes those very seriously, and will act on them, especially the Bug Reports with adequate, detailed info to take to the lab. I do not believe that any of the Adobe folk are in QC, or a lab function, and are doing their bit here, out of a desire to help users.


                                Now, the PrElements forum did have an Adobe employee, who was assigned to gather info for a patch to that program. He initiated a couple of surveys to gather useful data. Unfortunately, when his employment was discovered (it was there for all to see), people ruined the threads with all sorts of useless demands. Were I an Adobe employee, I'd have that kept subrosa, so as to not get in the way of my work.


                                We respect and are thankful for the Adobe presence that we do have. We welcome their comments and that look beneath the hood, as they know things that the rest of us never will. As I said, none is in QC, nor T/S, and have other "day jobs." The mentioned chain of communications is the preferred method, and I urge you to use it. Just provide all necessary detail.


                                Good luck,



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                                  crackajack Level 1

                                  I think Bill was aiming his response at me that time KB. For my part let me just say that I recognize this is a user-to-user forum, which is why I posted my workaround in the first place. Being that this is also an Adobe forum I would hope that from time-to-time the powers that be check in. The tone of my comment came at the tail end of two days of head scratching; I'm sure they'll understand. (I filled out a bug report too, but that was also pretty snarky.) Now let's see post 23,407 Hunt!

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Not really. I was aiming my response to KBStudio, as it appears that the concept of a user-to-user forum might have been missed.


                                    As Adobe might be "around," they will not likely be directly involved in such issues, and that is why I recommended the Bug Report/Feature Request, as those will get to Adobe more directly.


                                    We are ALWAYS pleased with any and all workarounds, regardless of whether it's with a Bug, or something else. We spend much of our time trying to help other users complete their Projects, as painlessly, as we possibly can.


                                    When it comes to Bugs, we all try to help users, experiencing these, to notify Adobe in the best way possible, and with the info to allow them to replicate the issue and then get about fixing things.


                                    For Bugs in CS5, my hope would be that the first update to CS5 would fix each and every one, and it would never be an issue again.


                                    Good luck,




                                    PS - you got that xxxx07, but then it could have gone to someone else and in another Adobe forum.

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                                      KBStudio Level 1

                                      Bill - I have been a participant in Adobe Forums since their inception.  Granted not this one.  As a newbie who is finding the atmosphere here less than helpful, I will probably avoid sharing what I little I discover.  One really doesn't need attitude over content.  Enough of my rant.  Good luck to you to.

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                                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                        I'm on a PC and I don't work with AIFF files, so beware of any advice from me.  That said, however, there a few things I would try if it happened to me.


                                        As I understand the problem, you can scrub OK for a little bit, then the audio playback in Pr is corrupted.  But the waveform display in the Pr sequence remains as it should.  If you switch away from Pr and come back, does it return to normal?  How about if you just switch to a different sequence, play that, and then return to the problem sequence?  Following this line of thinking, you can probably come up with a dozen or so little fiddly things you can try in-project.


                                        Try a match frame operation to load the original audio into the Source Monitor.  That simple act has restored missing audio in many Windows projects.


                                        Try cleaning the Media Cache Database by going to Edit | Preferences | Media.


                                        More advice: *never* overwrite, from outside Pr, a media file that is currently in use in a Pr project.  Use the Edit Original command.  If that's not available, then either offline it in Pr first and relink after the overwrite, or better yet, just increment the file name and create a whole new asset.  Sooner or later, overwriting an active asset will cause trouble in your project.  If you're lucky, it'll be way later, like after you've delivered the finished product to the client.



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                                          KBStudio Level 1

                                          Thank you for your  response Jeff.


                                          I tried reopening a corrupted project and immediately scrubbed through one of the audio tracks.  It got corrupted as I scrubbed.  I then followed your suggestion to switched out of Pr and than back.  I did this and without scrubbing, I played the clip back and the audio was prefect.  So it seems to be a playback issue.  Although, cutting the audio file and replacing it with the imported file didn't solve this problem.


                                          What has worked for me is only exporting my audio files as .wav.  These files don't seem to have any problems with scrubbing and corruption.


                                          Oh, and thanks for the Edit Original tip.  I have a long way to go but at least this project is complete.  Now for the next one.


                                          Thanks again Jeff!

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                                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                            You're welcome.



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                                              ogkj2911 Level 1

                                              Just so you know i am on a mac and i have the same problems with AIFF and CS5. CS4 no problems but with CS5 i do not only with premiere also after effects, so i have to use wave after i spent all day converting all my music to aiff to have seperate for projects and now im converting all to wave IT IS RIDICULOUS, apple motion 4 handles audio beautifully but comes nowhere near after effects in functionality

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                Do not know what Audio changes might have been enacted with CS5. Maybe Jeremy, or another, can comment from "under the hood?"


                                                CS4 had a departure, regarding Audio, from CS3. It could well be that with the 64-bit porting, more changes were enacted in CS5, but I do not know that to be fact.


                                                As of CS3, more X-platform support seems to be added. Not sure why that would "break" in CS5, but maybe... ?


                                                Being on a PC, I just use the conversion workflow, but I do hear you, having to convert for CS5, when you did not in CS4, is not what I would expect.


                                                Good luck,



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                                                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                  Here's a new technical support document on this issue, which acknolwedges a known issue with AIFF, recommends transcoding to WAV, and mentions a fix that is in the works:

                                                  "Audio playback or RAM preview is scrambled or jumps around in After  Effects CS5 or Premiere Pro CS5"


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                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                    Thank you for that, as it will likely help others, with AIFF Audio.



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                                                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                      The Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update fixes issues with AIFF audio as well as many other problems. Please install the update and let us know whether your problem is fixed.


                                                      See this page for details about the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update:



                                                      Please report bugs that persist after the update here: