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    Locked Labs Forums Update in Progress

    Daniel T Employee Moderator
      The Forums are undergoing major renovation and will be re-launched with a new look and feel. The re-launch is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25.

      This re-launch is the result of bringing together the two previous forum systems (Adobe and Macromedia) and combining the features of both with an updated user experience. By creating a unified user experience across all user forums we aim to create a more seamless environment for the discussion of Labs technologies. We understand that this will be a big change for all users and we ask that you take a couple of days to try out the forums and get used to the new design. All current message content going back approximately two years from both previous systems will be available in the new system.

      The changes will affect all users, both of the web and NNTP. The forums.macromedia.com and adobeforums.com NNTP servers will be retired for English language content. Going forward from September 25 NNTP users should connect to the new forum.adobe.com NNTP server. Please note that the NNTP server will require that you log in using your Adobe ID credentials. Anonymous NNTP connections will no longer be available. Non English newsgroups will continue on the forums.macromedia.com and forums.adobe.com NNTP servers with no change.

      Users of the Labs Forums should be able to continue using their Adobe ID or Macromedia ID to log into the Forums. In order to better serve the needs of our customers we encourage you to provide feedback on the new forums.