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    RSL Error 2046 when using runtime-shared-library-path in ant mxmlc




      I am building my project using the mxmlc ant target with 3.4 SDK


      If I do <flex:mxmlc  ... static-link-runtime-shared-libraries="false" static-rsls="false"  ...>


      It is working fine. My SWF is a little bit lighter but not enough !


      If in my mxmlc I add the following nodes (all of them or only one of them)




           <url rsl-url="${contextroot}/client/framework_3.4.0.6955.swz" />

           <url rsl-url="${contextroot}/client/framework_3.4.0.6955.swf" />





           <url rsl-url="${contextroot}/client/rpc_3.4.0.6955.swz" />

           <url rsl-url="${contextroot}/client/rpc_3.4.0.6955.swf" />





           <url rsl-url="${contextroot}/client/datavisualization_3.4.0.9271.swz" />

           <url rsl-url="${contextroot}/client/datavisualization_3.4.0.9271.swf" />



      I have an : Error #2046: the loaded file did not have a valid signature


      I thought : why not adding verify-digests=false to my mxmlx target ???

      => Unfortunately the ant task doesn't support this option


      I have read also somewhere that this may be caused by library order.


      It is true that if in the flex plug-in for eclipse


      I Put the framwork.swc first
      Configure rpc.swc and datavisualization.swc
      the resulting swc works


      => This makes me think that my swz are properly signed

      => I just can't find a way to do the swz ordering in the ant target


      So is my only solution to use the commed-line mxmlc within ant ?


      What can be possibly wrong ?