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    Dropped Frames on Capture


      I am using the capture function in Premiere Pro to bring video in to my laptop.  In an hour long recording, I get 1 or 2 dropped frames.


      What does the program do on a dropped frame?  Is it just missing or does it substitute the last frame for the missing one?  Do I get .... or ...


      If I use On location, it does not tell me if I have any dropped frames.  Is that becuase I do not have any or becuase it does not track them?  Is there a way to have it tell me if it drops a frame?

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          Spotlight-Musicals Level 1

          I am using CS4 and Windows 7

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            In CS3 & CS4, there is usually a "red Frame" inserted, to keep sync. Do not know if this is in CS5, or if a different method, or marker, is used.


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              Spotlight-Musicals Level 1

              Red Frame?  I can live with that in most instances.  We record with 3

              cameras so I could avoid the one frame.


              Any way to get it to use a neighboring frame?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Should the red Frame be where you do not want it (obviously will), and cannot cover it, there are a couple of choices:


                As you mentioned, you can inset a Still Frame from either before, or behind that red Frame, or perhaps can just Cut it out, along with the Audio. As you can see, those are two totally different operations with different results. You might NOT be able to Cut, as the Audio will be Deleted too. Maybe those few Audio units will never be missed, if one gets lucky and it's during silence/a pause.


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                  Hi, i was wondering why CS5 premiere does not have this, i canrt seem to sync up my clips because it does not insert red frames in bad footage, i am using exactly the same footage as i was in cs3 and 4 which had droped frames and would have red frames inserted, but cs5 is not doing this, and can not work with multicam footge because of it, please help.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9
                    there is usually a "red Frame" inserted


                    I believe that only applies to MPEG (HDV) captures.  DV captures simply drop the frame.  (4, 5, 6, 8, 9...)

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                      Rojer1081 Level 1

                      HI, Jim Thanks for your response, I am working with HDV files, the same HDV cl;ips that have droped frames in them when i use them on pp3 and pp4 they show the red frames there, but the same footage i import into cs5, it just jumps and does not insert any red frames.


                      I have a test clip with bad frames from a old tape, when I import in  it cs3 and cs4 it detect the bad frames and inserts red frames, but when  I import in cs5, it does not detect the dropped frames and reduces the  duration of the clip. so when i open my cs3 projects in cs5, it is all  out of sync as the clips with the dropped frames get reduced in length.  it has nothing to do with the clip as i get a second of dropped frames  in 1 hr, this is normal, but what is frustrating is that you will have  to manually detect the bad frames in cs5 and cut the clip and sync it again  with the other cameras.



                      this was the fix for pp cs3 which fixed the problem in 3.0, cs4 pp also had the same great handling of droped frams caused by dirty tapes and genral long gop issues.

                      Improved handling of MPEG streams

                      The   Premiere Pro 3.2.0 update provides improved handling of MPEG files.   Errors in the MPEG stream can occur during recording due to tape   dropouts, record start/stop glitches, timecode breaks, and a variety of   other causes. Bad frames caused by these MPEG stream errors are now   better identified in 3.2.0 during file indexing and playback. Because   older MPEG index files and conformed audio files (those existing before   the 3.2.0 update) do not take advantage of the improved MPEG handling,   these files should be deleted to avoid compatibility issues.





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                        Rojer1081 Level 1

                        Hi john, but using a different capture program does not solve the problem, the problem is with detecting dropped frames not the dropped frames themselves