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    Can Adobe Air Create a Symbolic Link (aka shortcut) ?


      Greetings,  I am working on an AIR application that automatically creates a directory tree for the user. Because there are many levels to the tree I want to have symbolic links to certain folders and files at the top level to speed navigation.   Can AIR create symbolic links ?  If not can anyone suggest a work around as this limitation would be  bad for my project.

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          I thought I would post a few comments that might help others.  


          First, there does not seem to exist a symbolic link that is crossplatform regardless of the filesystem used (e.g., NTSF, FAT32, etc.).  In other words if you create a symbolic link in Windows XP on a network drive and then try to view that shortcut in Linux, Linux will not understand the shortcut. I tried  both the Junction and shortcut approaches.  Similarly is I create a symbolic link (ln -s) in Linux on a network drive, a Windows machine will not interpret it properly.  Since my app needs to support a heterogenous computers on a single LAN then I am SOL.


          However, if you have an app that will only be used by computers of the same type, or on a single computer, you can create symbolic links using Air V2.0. Air V2.0 supports calling executables/batch files and passing information to STDIN and getting STDOUT.  You could then write a batch file in whatever OS you are using.  However other than creating junctions using MS-DOS's linkd, I don't know how you would do this on Windows XP machine.


          If anyone has further comments on this thread I would be grateful.