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    P Pro CS5 lack of good third party support (transitions)

    lasvideo Level 4

      As a long time editor on Avid DS and a recent user of FCP, I am very  impressed with a lot of what I saw today after installing CS5 upgrade on  my Mac Pro. Lots of speed...good dynamic linking to AE (BIG SELLER).
      But I am underwhelmed with the third party support, specifically in  the area of transitions. Granted FCP has lots of tacky choicss, but FX  Factory has lots of things that are quite cool(film flare  transitions,etc) There is nothing out there to supplement the very  vanilla wipes and dissolves in Premiere Pro from the extensive searching  I have done. Its a shame that such a powerful NLE is so limited in this  respect...otherwise its a real winner from my first exploration.

      Avid DS/FCP Editor