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    Looking for jquery lightbox script that stretches image to fill viewport

    jyeager11 Level 1

      There are a lot of lightbox scripts out there, but most of them seem to favor static-sized images.


      I'm surprised that I haven't been able to find too many of these scripts allow for images to make maximum use of a viewport's dimensions. In other words, lightbox-style scripts that will fit the target image inside the viewport (while retaining the image's native proportions), whatever size said viewport may be.


      I can easily imagine everyone from graphic designers, to painters, to photographers jumping on such a tool. After all, there's nothing worse than looking at a 500px image on a 1920px display. It makes the work feel small, and by proxy, the work's author look small.


      Granted, for the images to not appear stretched, the native size of the image would have to be larger than needed for most visitors, but portfolio websites aren't high-traffic websites. They're solely visited by potential employers and clients, and loading time isn't much of a concern anymore with today's average home broadband speeds topping 1mb/s.


      Ideally, the script would grey-out the website, and display an image to match 95% of the viewport's X or Y resolution (whatever is smallest) while retaining the image's native proportions.


      Does anyone know where I can find such a script, preferable in jquery (since I'm already using it on my website)?