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    System running low on memory problem question


      I have Premiere Elements 4 (for about 2 years now), and it's always worked for me (using win xp home 32 bit).  I recently (Sept '09) updated to Win 7 home premium 32 bit, and since then have done some transfers, but when trying to render this particular 20 clip video (about 4 minutes long).  I get this message saying my system is running low on memory, proceed with caution.


      I tried everything I can to get this problem resolved (i.e. shutting processes down, converting the .Mov files to .AVE, setting PE priority to high, re-installing Win 7, defragging the drives, relocating the scratch disks to other drives in my system (3 drives total), removing existing partitions, even trying a downloaded version of a newer elements (which I didn't want to do, but tried anyway), etc.....) I simply cannot get this video to completion.


      My bigger problem, is the entire video will end up with 300 short clips, of my trip to Italy...totalling about 3 hours.  If I can't even finish 20 clips, how am I going to handle all 300  ?  I did plenty of 3 hour videos before with no problems for years, but these particular clips don't want to cooperate with PE4


      Does anyone have an ANSWER to this problem?  I read plenty of "OH I have that problem too" replies, but I WANT / NEED ONE SOLUTION THAT WORKS!!!!!!


      I heard that Win 64 bit version would work, but I'm not about to fork over $100+ smackers if it doesn't solve my problem.


      For your info:  I have a Core2duo 3.0 Ghz with 4 Gb's of OCZ platinum ram, System has an awesome video card too.  Asus EN9600GT silent.  I make sure NOTHING is running but PE4.  All my updates / drivers are up to date.


      Is this a Win 7 thing?  Someone PLEASE answer this problem. I don't need to hear that others have this problem.  I already read plenty of them...We need a solution.


      Please help!



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, you have done some of the most recommended procedures with no positive effect.


          This ARTICLE will give you some background on Memory/Resources and something to check.


          I would also do a heavy test of your RAM. The links in this ARTICLE will give you some tools to use for this.


          I only wish that there was a one-button solution, but there can be so many variables, that it is a process of elimination.


          I do not recall reading of issues with PrE 4 and Win7 32-bit, but maybe they have been posted to other fora, and just not here.


          Good luck, and maybe a Win7-32 & PrE 4 user can comment.



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            Bertminator Level 1

            Well, it was nice to get at least one answer.  The advice given was ok, but didn't solve the problem.

            I solved it myself (kindof).


            Bottom line, I think that Adobe has a clip limitation (about 30), because I can render / work with 20 clips, with no problem, but when i kept adding clips once I reached 30, it hung.  So, I did 2 things


            # 1 I made Premiere elements run in "high" priority using the Task manager.

            # 2 made one clip containing 20 clips withinand saved them, then put all the clips (300+ in all)  in ONE project, and all worked well


            So for those with the same problem, see if you have too much clips in your project, and try this.  At least it worked for me.


            Hope this is helpful

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Glad that you have found the "sweetspot" for your computer and PrE. Thanks for reporting your method.


              Good luck,