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    Logo - Inspiration?!


      Hey guys,


      I got a bit stuck... I am currently designing a Logo for an advertising company, located in the UK and in Germany. That's why i chose "Über" as a company name because the word has nearly the same meaning in both languages.


      I really like the name but this first draft isn't just "übercool".... Any ideas are highly appreciated!






      P.S: The red lines on the right and bottom have nothing to do with logo by the way






      Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-06 um 18.57.19.png

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          PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional
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            CHMprepress Level 3

            You say you like the name, but to be honest the name sounds a little negative to me.

            1st thing i think about is uber mensh = blue eyed, blond people....

            Than again its only my feeling

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              PP, I am not sure the eyes convey the message of convincing skills. Apart from that, as far as I know, the word used in English (on the internet) is spelled with a plain U, which is in line with your inline placing of the eyes


              You could try an upward gaze parallel with the slanting ends of the ascenders, you could also diminish the ber part and move it up with advertising to align with the bottom of the U, and you could build in an incouraging smile (possibly by cutting the lower part of the U loose), just to mention a few silly suggestions.


              Sometimes, you may develop an original draft into something final; sometimes, you end up with something entirely different (but maybe inspired by the first struggle).


              PP, the link seems to be a dead end.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                I come from a graphic background, now a photographer, here is what I think that the concept of the logo you show is too specific for an advetising agency.


                That is it has a time frame and can be given specific meaning such as eyes that are crossed where as the concept should be suggestive of a process visually and subjectively. I should suggest the use of imagination and communication but not as tangible as a known object or other identity.


                That I too easy to associate with other types entities.


                I is also a little corny and cute.


                Thi is something that is also a bit corny and cute but is what I think more to the point. if you see what I mean of course this looks like something you would never do so  you have adopt my thoughts to your style of doing things and you might even think I am way off track.


                Te thing that I do like about your design is that it does have and idea and substance.


                Screen shot 2010-05-07 at 8.54.24 AM.png

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                  PoloPferd Level 1

                  Hey guys,


                  Thanks a lot for your incredible input!


                  And especially Wade for actually drafting something! Really appreciate your input.


                  In regards to your suggestions, I made amendments to my previous draft and looking forward to hear your feedback :-)



                  What I should explain in more detail, it is not a real advertising agency, it is an advertising space distributing company, e.g. they are actually selling the space for out of home ( outdoor advertisements ).


                  I personally really like the smilie thing ( I know - "never mess with your logo" ) but the company is young, innovative and powerful. I think it's nice according to these details to have a logo to respond to certain events ( e.g. world aids day, world beard day :-P  etc. )


                  But what still bothers me is the "advertising" line... It's currently in harabara and I thould to use this font for the headings and something more serious for the text in paragraphs but I don't think anymore it would fit. I'll probably have a look in the Sans fonts...



                  Here are my drafts:


                  DRAFT "BEARED":


                  Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-07 um 15.38.53.png


                  DRAFT "AIDS DAY" :

                  Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-07 um 16.01.14.png