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    RoboHelp files not working on network in Windows 7



      my company is in the process of upgrading to Windows 7 and we have a few applications which use RoboHelp

      (.chm) files for help which are stored on the network.  In XP everything worked fine but now all the pages display "page cannot be found".  If I copy the files down to my c: drive then they open fine.  Most were created in previous versions of Robohelp so I thought that might be the problem and upgraded one to RoboHelp 7 but that didn't change anything.  I read in other posts that there are some issues with RoboHelp on the network, but I can't avoid that..  Is there some network settings that can be tweaked or is this perhaps fixed in RoboHelp 8?  I can't put forth a request to my boss to upgrade unless I have solid proof it will work..