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    why is adobe scaling my linetypes?


      I have a CAD document in PDF format with many different linetypes.


      They all display correctly on screen, but when I go to plot the linetype scale (spacing between the dashes) changes and streches out all the linetypes so that they all look solid.


      For example, a dashed line with 3 dashes per inch on screen is plotting with dashes 3 inches long.


      Is there a setting where I can change this?


      Please note, I didn't produce the document, I don't have access to source drawing file or software, and I do not have full acrobat.  WinXP SP3, Adobe Reader 9, HP Designjet 450C, D-Size document.

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          I looked at some similar posts which had no answers, just questions about whether or not the user's printer is postscript or not.  I don't even know how to check that on my end, but our printer is kind of old: HP Designjet 450C.


          I don't think that's the problem, though.  We are not having any problems with anyone else's PDFs, just this one guy.  He still hasn't gotten back to me on what CAD or PDF printer he's using.


          But even if it is a postscript issue, what the hell explains it looking normal on screen?!  I thought PDF was WYSIWYG.

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            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It could be that the fonts are not embedded properly and are being substituded during printing.


            Open the PDF and go to FIle>Properties>Fonts. Do they all say "embedded" or "embedded subset" nex to them. If not, that is probably the issue.


            Also, it could be a conflict if they are using a third party application to create the PDF. Under File>Properties>Description>Advanced, what is listed as the "PDF Producer"?

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              kwg06516 Level 1

              I doesn't have anything to do with fonts; they're behaving normally as far as I can tell.  They are all listing as embeded subset, btw.


              I think we're having two problems.


              Our printer, which is fine for CAD, is just too old to do postscript, even though postscript has been around longer than it.  And our sub is producing CAD documents using a postscript printer (PDF995 using GPL Ghostscript) that was never intended for use with CAD.  He's also using some odd $50 CAD program that can't handle AutoCad's paperspace which is forcing him to alter the scale of his whole drawing when he uses our baseplans.


              There's something called a PPD that enables non postscript printers to print postscipt from a virtual printer on my machine.  I found PPD files at http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=406&fileID=406 , but how do I use them?  The readme refers to installing them with AdobePS, which is for Windows 95 & 98.  Will that run on an XP machine?