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    Components & States


      First - thanks for those who have been answering my questions - I am catching on! But I have a new one


      I now have my regular states down to 5, 1 for each language I am using.


      I have a custom component on each language state that includes the changes of content within that language - and that part works great!


      But - now I have an interesting conundrum - I had originally created a component from my artwork for a dropdown. it included the open/closed states for all the languages - well, I quickly realized that wasn't working well, so I created duplicates (which I don't like the fact that it also duplicated all the parts as well) for each language - one each for open and closed states.


      The problem is - when someone clicks on "GreeK' it now takes them to the Greek state, BUT - it won't close. Instead it opens in the open Greek drop down component state and the user would have to click the arrow to close the drop down.


      So, is there a way to get the component to always open on any state it is in in a specific state? (OK, that sounded confusing even while typing it - for the sake of clarity - I will refer to my language states as pages, and component states as states)


      Is there a way to get the component state to open up to a default state when a page is loaded? That way, when the user clicks the language (English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Chinese) not only does the correct page load, but the dropdown is in the correct closed state.





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          OK - I decided to publish the file, to see if that would make a difference. It does to some extent.


          In the run-local file:


          If I flip to a different "page" and then use the custom dropdown component to flip to another different "page" the drop down does what it should and closes. BUT - if I click within the custom content component for that language, thus changing its state, when I choose the dropdown to choose another language and go to another page, it goes to the other page, but the dropdown component stays open rather than closed.


          In the deploy-to-web


          there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it will or won't work. Sometimes the dropdown component closes, some times it doesn't when I go to a different state within the custom content component.


          This is so weird.


          Why wouldn't it be the same every time so it could be figured out?